Brine Replacement Neting for 6x6 Field Lacrosse Goals


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The Brine 6mm Lacrosse Goal Replacement Net is an ultra heavy weight lacrosse net. Made for the college and professional practice fields.  This net will stand up to the high repetition and daily grind of a college practice.

Customer Feedback to Hogtown Lacrosse validates that this is the GOOD STUFF. $220 but it will last a long, long with elite players shooting at it.

Brine 6mm Lacrosse Net

  • Official Size - 6'x6'x7'
  • Available in White and Black
  • Net Weight - 13lbs
  • College - Professional Practice Lacrosse Net
  • Lacing Cord Included

The Brine 3mm Lacrosse Goal Replacement Net is the top quality product for younger players. What manufacturers calls a 3mm net can vary dramatically in quality from one to the next. Our observation in Canada consistently shows that the Brine 3mm netting is really good quality and easily better than what other lacrosse companies call 3mm or 4mm netting. The weight of the netting in the package is perhaps the best indicator of the quality and many of the so called 3mm or 4mm nets weigh just a couple of pounds. Excellent value at $85.

  • Official Size - 6'x6'x7'
  • Available in Black
  • Net Weight - 7lbs
  • HIgh School- Home Backyard Practice Lacrosse Net
  • Lacing Cord Included

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