Carbon Pro 2.0 Defense Shaft by East Coast Dyes

East Coast Dyes

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Whether you are a powerful outside shooter, a smooth inside finisher, a ferocious checker, or a doorstep-shot saver, we have specifically tailored a new Carbon Pro 2.0 for your style.

By utilizing years of carbon fiber research and development to build on the industry leading Carbon Pro, we have once again raised the bar for performance.

We have paired our Kick Point Technology with new flex profiles and raised texture for a style-specific playing experience you will not find anywhere else. On top of that, we have applied a long lasting and more durable paint and texture, which help increase the life of your shaft.

The Carbon Pro 2.0 Defense features:

  • Low Kick Point – Provides powerful checks and shots.
  • Flex3 – Provides maximum stability and control.
  • Impact+ Layup – Increase shaft durability where you need it most.
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