Command Senior Complete Stick by Under Armour

Under Armour

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Introduced in 2019,  it is Under Armour's top complete stick in 2020. The main attraction is the Command head, which sells on its own for $95, unstrung. The shaft is reasonably strong, but not made for big boys cross checking in box lacrosse. The entire stick is $100 at Hogtown Lacrosse, so the shaft, stringing materials and the pocket are basically on the stick for $5.00. This is good value.

Shaft: 7075 series alloy in the Command provides superior strength and handling without adding additional weight, helping keep the Command one of the lightest shafts on the market without sacrificing too much durability.

Under Armour’s unique variation to the concave octagonal shape known as the “scalloped” shape, as seen in the Command, allows for quicker hand movement and consistency, and can help younger players all the way to the college ranks generate faster hand speed and more power on shots. A sandblasted finish allows for more control on the stick, giving the player complete Command.

An improved graphic lets your play do the talking, as Under Armour utilized a minimalistic approach with the new Command.

A great option for Bantam and under for box lacrosse or for a midfielder or attack player in field lacrosse.

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