Epoch Dragonfly 7 Attack Shaft


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One Year Warranty! Ask Hogtown Lacrosse about our current stock in each of the Concave and the specialty Fogo Handle.

Better material equals a better shaft. 

Torque Box 2 is pure performance. Intelligent Weave Technology™ allows for a more uniform construction as the carbon filaments in each tow (row) are spread out creating a thinner and more closed woven fabric. Intelligent Weave provides reduced weight, optimal mechanicals and minimal voids in the composite layup. By reducing “Crimp” (when carbon fiber runs in a uniform direction(s) that is not structurally beneficial) we can decrease weight by reducing non-essential material while maintaining the structural integrity required by lacrosse.

Intelligent Weave

Our proprietary 12K Intelligent Weave Technology is designed to stabilize the hands and push energy towards the head of the stick when passing or shooting.  It allows for a more uniform construction of the shaft as the carbon filaments in each tow (row) are spread out to create a thinner woven fabric by reducing crimp for increased weight reduction while providing optimal mechanical performance and minimal voids in the layup.

Uniform Release

Uniform Release provides a consistent flex profile throughout the top 2/3 of the shaft regardless of a player’s hand positioning. Our engineers agree this is substantially beneficial over a localized “kick point” or flex point, because unlike golf or hockey a player’s hands are always moving depending on the player’s position on the field
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