Epoch Dragonfly 7 Defence Shaft


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Please contact Hogtown Lacrosse for to discuss our current selection of Epoch gear. Visit epochlacrosse.com for additonal technical information on lacrosse shafts. 1 YEAR WARRANTY!

Engineered with one purpose in mind: Pure Performance.

The Dragonfly is engineered for players at the highest level of the game. The Dragonfly 7 series of shafts are the lightest we have ever produced and are proudly made in USA. 

Intelligent Weave

Static Zone:

Our proprietary 12K Intelligent Weave Technology is designed to stabilize the hands and push energy towards the head of the stick when passing or shooting.  Our Intelligent Weave Technology allows for a more uniform construction of the shaft as the carbon filaments in each tow are spread out to create a thinner woven fabric, reducing crimp for increased weight reduction while providing optimal mechanical performance and minimal voids in the layup

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