Epoch Integra Arm Pads


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At $90 Canadian in our Toronto store, Hogtown Lacrosse offers better value to Canadian customers. Ask us about our great selection of arm protection throughout the industry.

For 2017 Epoch introduced the Integra Arm Pad, engineered using a dual density compression molded foam to be lightweight and resistant to lacrosse stick checks improving flexibility, movement and protection. The Integra Arm Pad is engineered with a two piece 4-way stretch spandex, 1” elastic bands, internal silicone print to reduce slippage and reinforced with TPU for extremely comfortable arm protection. The revolutionary Sandwich Locking System eliminates pad slippage while allowing for a customized fit and added protection. The hard shell cap with carbon fiber reinforcement is designed to give players needed protection without limiting maneuverability.

Colors available: white, black and gray
Size: Medium, Large

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