Fatboy 2021 Box Shoulder Pads by Warrior


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Warrior has brought back the box shoulder pads that parents and players loved from a few years ago. Lots of protection and a much better ergonomic fit than the pads they produced in 2018 to 2020. This is a product that Hogtown Lacrosse can happily recommend for box lax, along with a couple of other alternatives from other manufacturers. Ask us and we will show you the stuff that we believe in.

The shoulder pads feature increased coverage and impact performance on the player's sternum, back, and shoulder areas. The 2-Timer Strap System allows for a custom feeling fit and a snug feel. The durable PE plastic bicep pads provide maximum protection on the upper arm areas.

The big bicep pads can zip off easily if the player wants to use the shoulder pads for field lacrosse as well.

Our Canadian dollar pricing will always beat the American online retailers once currency adjusted and we are shipping from Toronto. Multiple item purchases will be rewarded with discounts - just ask.

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