Gait Torq 2 Unstrung Head

Under Armour

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Re-designed and re-Introduced in 2019, the Gait Torq was perhaps the most popular head in Canada for a decade, until production ceased in 2005. It is once again one of the most sought after heads in Ontario and beyond. Fully offset for ball control in field or box play.

Like the old Torque, the updated V-Scoop creates a center release point for improved accuracy, while the recessed lace system helps protect the top string and reduces wear when scooping balls on the grass, turf or on the floor.

Notable improvements are the positions of holes that allows for better stringing options. Stringers will find the new Torq easier to work with, to get the result they are looking for. The inside stringing rib allows for easy tie-off of shooters and an optional narrow pocket, all while staying legal at all levels.

Give is a call at Hogtown Lacrosse to inquire on current inventory. 416-463-8696. 

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