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The Maverik M4 glove is engineered with a classic fit bringing the ultimate level of protective comfort and dexterity to your game. With a classic fit on the M4 glove, Maverik left more space in the fingers and back of the hand for added comfort. Using Maverik's new 37.5 and FLOWCOOL technology the M4 glove keeps your hand cool with increased airflow through the back of the hand while evaporating sweat quicker. The palm in the M4 glove is also constructed with AX SUEDE & INHALER mesh allowing for maximum comfort and airflow through the front palm of the glove. The adjustable cuff on the M4 glove is made to fit 2 types of players, choose between a closed fit cuff for more protection or an open flared cuff that allows for a larger range of motion.

Colours: White, Black, Red, Navy, Royal (very light royal/carolina. Pictured here), and Grey. Hogtown Lacrosse is creating a couple of custom colour productions in the M4 that should be of interest to Ontario players. For example, see the mockup of our Double Blue glove to the left. Call the store if you are interested. 

Available in Small (10"), Medium (12") and Large (13"). The Large will be a good fit for many players who shop for an XL size.

37.5 Technology liner creates a faster sweat evaporation time inside the M4 gloves. 

- FLOWCOOL venting technology on the back of the hand increases airflow and allows heat to disperse quickly. 

- Ax Suede palm paired with INHALER mesh materials offer durable comfort throughout the the palm with enhanced feel. 

- Constructed with a comfortable classic fit with increased volume in the fingers and back hand area.

- SHARKGEL padding in thumb increases dexterity and mobility. 


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