Rome RX3 Shoulder Pad


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Hogtown Price dropped from $150 to $95. Limited inventory.

Continuing their reign as Maverik’s elite line of protective gear is the Maverik Rome RX3 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad, built with a convertible design that allows for the perfect amount of protection based on play style.

Removable bicep guards, shoulder caps, chest panels, and back panels make the Rome RX3 one of the most customizable shoulder pads on the market and allow for the player to choose the amount of protection they receive. This versatility helps make the Rome RX3 an elite pad at all levels of play, and for any play style. Anaform chest and spine plates lined with Poron XRD foam manage impact force while allowing maximum freedom of movement in a lightweight and breathable frame.

Maverik’s 37.5™ liner keeps the player cool and comfortable, allowing for the quick evaporation of sweat, and optimal airflow through the back and chest.

The adjustable ComfortFit arch and wide 4-way stretch mesh straps on the Rome RX3 allow the player to personalize the fit of the pad and can grow or change with players as their game evolves.

If you’re an advanced player looking for customizable pads that are comfortable, protective, and lightweight, check out the Maverik Rome RX3 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad today.

Call us to check on sizes available (416-463-8696). Price recently reduced to $95.00 from $150.00 to make room for the new look 2020 protective gear from Maverik.

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