Under Armour Spotlight Rail Flex Pocket

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  • Also Available in Light Blue
  • Under Armour Spotlight Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick narrows it's shaft to 2in at the fulcrum to give the player a better grip, offset and faster swings
  • The ball will ride comfortably in the sweet spot while keeping its low weight with the pre-weaved flex pocket and premium pre-stretched leathers
  • Glide scoop is installed to the top of the head to not only prevent straying the top strings of the head, but to also improve picking up ground balls at any speed or force
  • 6 Month Warranty from Under Armour and Hogtown Lacrosse
  • Strung Head Only. Ask Hogtown Lacrosse about a great deal on a shaft wih the purchase of the Spotlight Head.
  • Available in White, Black and Light Blue
  • Meets FIL Specifications - Good for play in Canada!
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Spotlight Women's Strung Lacrosse Head.