Warrior Burn Pro Glove 2018


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The new Burn Pro glove is a favourite for Hogtown Lacrosse customers willing to spend a bit more for a high end glove. Great customer feedback on comfort , durability and protection. We tend to carry them in white, in Large and XL. Give us a call at the store to discuss. Please compare our $CAD pricing to the $USD pricing of the American online guys.

Warrior Burn Pro 2018 Lacrosse Glove offers best in class protection and comfort. Warrior designed the Burn Pro 2018 Glove with a new patent pending TotalFLX+ cuff, eliminating the bulk of the traditional cuffs allowing for maximum mobility of the wrist. The Burn Pro 2018 glove features Impact LT Foam along the backhand of the glove creating a light weight and comfortable feel to the glove while increasing protection. Warrior utilizes the fan favorite Authentic Pro Palm + material to provide added comfort and enhanced feel. The Burn Pro 2018 glove features Warriors most advanced Truvent system for the best ventilation in the game, keeping your hands cool when playing while helping to reduce trapped moisture in the glove. 

- New TotalFLX+ Cuff  technology added for maximum wrist mobility

- Impact LT Foam along the backhand for added protection

- Authentic Pro + Palm offers enhanced feel and control

- Truvent systen for hand ventilation 

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