Wolf Athletics U-2i Box Shaft 30"

Wolf Athletics

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This shaft is a brute. If you’re tired of spending money on shafts that dent, bend, and break, you are in the right place. The U-2i is Extremely Durable. Built for super aggressive lacrosse players.Most of the weight is towards the base of the shaft offsetting the weight in your gloves. This makes it feel lighter while still delivering a lot of impact force.

Last year we launched the ELEMENT line of 3 shafts. This year we took them all to another level of performance and strength through tireless engineering and 100’s of prototypes. We went through each structure again and didn’t just change graphics but GREATLY INCREASED impact strength through 100’s of more prototypes.

The U-2i is the Strongest Lacrosse shaft in the industry and great for defensive-minded midfielders and box lacrosse.

  • Weight-230g (World’s Strongest)
  • Extremely Stiff
  • Flex-1 (Low)
  • Matte grip
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